Magical Ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Party ideas on a budget. DIY's, Decorations, food, and lots of fun.


My husband and I have always liked Harry Potter movies. I wouldn't say we are Potter-heads or anything but with having kids that are at the perfect ages to introduce the movies, We thought it would be a great theme for my birthday.

This list will help you to create your own Harry Potter Themed Party.


Decorations for me make the whole party. This part is my favorite because usually, I get to do some crafting. Here are our decorations from my party.

1 - Platform 9 3/4

We made this as the entrance to our living room and it turned out so good. We used an old table cloth and a sponge to paint the brick on it. Hanged it in the doorway, cut the center for a walkway, and voila. The sign is made of cardboard and paint. Balloon arches are a lot easier than I had thought. This is the second one that I have made. I will have a post about balloon aches later.

2 - The Great Hall

This was our rendition of The Great Hall in the Hogwarts Castle. We used a lot of our Halloween decorations in this spot. The backdrop is from Dollar Tree (my favorite store ever). We put two of them together to fill the wall. We found the flags on Amazon. The link is below for those. They were the perfect size for this wall. The potion bottles are made from different bottles from the recycling bin that I had made last year for Halloween. I used shampoo bottles, pickle jars, and empty medicine bottles. I used my hot glue gun to write words, like poison, snake oil, and witches' wort, then painted them black and orange. I put some gold and brown on top to age them a little. We also had potion books from Dollar Tree that went perfectly.

These candles were really fun to make. I used pool noodles cut into different sizes. I used black chalk spray paint to cover them. I hot glued them and tied them together with twine. The most difficult part of this DIY is cutting the hole in the top for the candles to fit. I traced the candle and cut it down to a length that I thought looked about right. But I had to go back and cut deeper because the candle stuck out too far. For the effect of the candles melting, I used hot glue and let it dripped down. This actually took a lot more glue than I thought. I think these turned out so great and fit perfectly with the potions and books.

Of course, the Great Hall wouldn’t be complete without floating candles. These were very inexpensive for 12 candles with an LED remote. These candles do need 2 AA batteries for each candle. We hung them with string but fishing wire would have been better. Our kids really thought they were doing magic to turn on the lights with their wands (more to follow on those). It was a fun element that added to the magical theme.

4 - Ollivander‘s Wands

The magic couldn’t happen without the wands, right? I made these out of pencils and hot glue. I started by making a large glob of glue on top. I had to keep moving them around so it didn’t drip off. Once it was dry I added more to it to make the size of the top I wanted. After that, I made different designs down the sides. To make the pointy I add glue to the bottom and let it almost drip but not quite. Once they were dry I put 2 coats of brown paint on them. The paint I used was Crayola washable paint and it worked really well. The kids were able to pick out their favorite one and the magic began.

5 - Chamber of Secret Mirror

This was an easy one for us since we have an old mirror in our living room. I used an old red lipstick sample I had and wrote The Chamber of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir... BEWARE. This is of course from the Chambers of Secrets. I used winded to make look smeared a little, but I didn’t want to make it so smeared that it became unreadable. So I only used a little bit. If you don’t have a mirror in your living room, another good place would be in the bathroom. When your guests use the bathroom they can stay in the Harry Potter vibe.

6 - The Sorting Hat

I’m not going to lie this is my favorite piece that I made for this party. It’s made from tinfoil, masking tape, paper towels, glue, and paint. I took the tinfoil in sheets and crumbled it into a hotdog shape. I did this with several pieces and taped them together to make a tree-like base. I did this twice and add one on top of each other using tape to keep them together. Once I had the height of the hat I used a couple more pieces and filled out the bottom. Once I got the size right I cover the entire thing with masking tape. After it was covered I squeezed the top to make a point and twisted it a little to put the bend in it. To make the rim I used the tinfoil and in hotdog shapes and lined them around the base and continued to do this until I got the size I wanted and taped them all together. To make the face I shaped the tinfoil to make a brow and some lips. After I was pleased with the shape, I mixed a bottle of Elmer‘s School Glue, brown paint, and a small amount of water in a bowl. This mixture should be honey thickness. Once that is made I take the paper towels one by one and dip them in the glue mixture. This mixture will stick to the paper towel too much so you’ll have to wring it out a little. The paper towels after being soaked it glue then go right onto the masking tape. I covered the entire hat and let it dry for 24 hours. I turned out so good. I love making crafts in this fashion. In my upcoming Halloween craft post coming up, I make little spooky trees and a pumpkin this way With full details and pictures.

The Food

A party wouldn't be a party without food. These Harry Potter-themed foods are so fun and complete the party.

1 - Chocolate frogs, Raven claws, and Hufflepuff

Our party had a lot of snacks that we munched on all day. We had Bugles to represent Raven claws, Popcorn for Hufflepuff, and chocolate frogs.

The chocolate frogs were made with melted milk chocolate and a mold from Amazon. The mold worked for well. It had two types of frogs. This type in the picture and a cartoonish looking frog as well. I did both just to have a variety but these look like the ones from the movie. Another idea is to print out the boxes to put them in. I ran out of time and just sat them out.

2 - Honey Dukes

Honey Dukes is the candy store in Harry Potter so I had to incorporate a mini candy shop. I got a few jars from the Dollar tree and used old candle jars that I cleaned out to put the candy in. My kids didn’t want me to get the Harry Potter Jelly Belly‘s. They didn’t want to get the Boogie flavored one.

3 - Harry’s Cake

My husband recreated Haggard’s birthday cake to Harry. We bought pink icing and green writing icing to create this. The pink we got was a little bit darker than the one in the movie but I think it looks pretty close. He even misspelled Happee Birthdae like Haggard did.

4 - Butter beer

The last treat of the night, was butter beer. Here is our recipe

8oz. of vanilla ice cream

16 oz. of Cream Soda

2oz of butterscotch syrup

Whipped cream for the top

The kids really enjoyed this extra sweet treat. As for the adults we had a different recipe. Check it out.

Other things we did Harry Potter related.

We had the movies on all day. The kids had never seen them and where interest in watching, or at least parts of them. We had fish and chips for dinner, a very English dish. And we all dressed in the different house colors to support our house. The decorations and food made the kids very interested in see each part of the movies that were displayed in our home.

Have Fun

I say this a lot as an ending to my post but these parties are meant to be fun and to spend time with your family. The memories you make are most important. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to throw a great party! Have fun, be creative, and love to all.


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