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Updated: Sep 16, 2021


Our family loves the beach. We are lucky in that my husband's parents live on Pawleys Island. Pawleys Island is beautiful and is only 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach, so we have gone to a lot of good spots there. Here are our family's top places to visit.

Pawleys Island

Of course, a beach trip wouldn't be a beach trip without actually going to the beach. Myrtle Beach can be very crowded and very busy, but by going down the shore to Pawleys Island you can avoid some of the crowd. Parking is first come first serve but there are many places to park in lots and on the road. Once your beach day is done there are many kid-friendly restaurants. We recommend Pawleys Raw Bar. This bar has a playground for the kids while they wait for food. It's a perfect spot to get good seafood and spend time with the family.

Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk

Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk has everything for date night, girls/guys night, or family night. There are great waterside restaurants, bars, and live music. We have tried Wicked Tuna. This place has a great deck for watching the sunset and eat amazing sushi. Also, the Marsh walk has an Island of Goats, Goat Island. If you go there between April and November you'll be able to see these cuties.

Savannah's Playground

Savannah's Playground is a huge playground in Myrtle Beach. This place is really four parks inside of one. They have a huge jungle gym with lots of slides, walkways, and things to climb. There are many swings and different types for all ages and children with disabilities. There are even swings and ropes on ziplines, which was my favorite part. The other part of the park is a robe jungle gym with lots of climbing areas for bigger kids. We went over Labor Day weekend and it was not busy at all. I was very surprised. This playground is in such a cute part of town. It's close to the beach, it near the Aviation park, near walking trails and picnic areas. My kids really enjoy this place. It was safe and fenced in and a perfect place to spend the day.

Ripley's Believe or Not Aquarium

So this one is a little touristy, but so worth it for kids. Ripley's Believe or Not Aquarium has a lot of things to see and do. They have this beautiful walk-through tank where the sharks, stingrays, and other fish swim right over you. They also have touch tanks with stingrays. There are extras that can be added to your tickets like encounters with getting into the tanks with stingrays or hanging out with the penguins. This Aquarium is located at Broadway at the Beach, which has a lot to offer too. Broadway at the Beach has many shops, restaurants, attractions, and entertainment for the entire family.

Dublin Winery

Ok, so this one is only for the grown-ups, sorry kids. My husband and I went to Dublin Winery for Valentine's Day in 2020... right before the pandemic. It was a great time away from the kids. This location is a satellite location from the winery in North Carolina and has a gift shop and a wine slushy stand within the building. They have wine tastings that let you sample at least ten wines while an employee walks you through the flavors and history of each wine. These tastings include gourmet cheese dip, homemade gourmet crackers, and a glass of wine after the tasting has been completed. The wines are sweet so Life is Sweeter as they say.

Poston's Seafood

Ya'll up for some real family fun then get live crabs to steam from Poston's Seafood. This place is the first come first serve for seafood and you do have to get there about an hour before they open but it's so worth the wait. The crabs come right to the market off the boat and sell fast. Once we got them home we put them in the steam pot, chased a few in the driveway, and then steamed them. My husband and his family are from Maryland so they know good crabs. There were only six left, so I'm pretty sure we all enjoyed them. Keep an eye out for my next post, it will be the whole process of how to steam and pick crabs like a true Marylander. Also, some ideas of what to do with the leftover crabs.

Brookgreen Garden

Brookgreen Gardens is a gorgeous place to wander around. These gardens were four rice plantations in the 1700s and the trees were planted during this time. These 250 years old Oak trees set the stage for the butterfly gardens, children's garden, sculptures, and other beautiful garden scenes. Brookgreen Garden has a zoo within it too. There are multiple events that take place throughout the year. Two popular ones are Brew at the Zoo and Nights of a Thousand Candles.

Have Fun!

I hope this list helps you to have the best visit to the Myrtle Beach area. We really recommend trying all of these places to travel like a local. Please if you have gone to any of these places post a comment about your experiences. Traveling with family is a lot of fun and making memories is the main goal. Stay creative and love each other!

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